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Chevrolet Cavalier for sale

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Chevrolet Cavalier overview

In 1982, General Motors launched Chevrolet Cavalier with the aim of producing quality imports and the vehicle, owing to its economical and technical benefits, has succeeded in reigning over the US Car Market for over twenty years.

Cavalier is built on the company’s J Platform and was available in five versions, namely, 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan, 4-door station wagon, 3-door hatchback and a 2-door convertible. While the 3 door hatchback has taken stepped down in the market, the others have continued to wage huge popularity. 2 door convertible, 2 door coupe and the 4 door sedan have 104.1 inch wheelbase stretching to 180.3 inches in length and 67.4 inches in width. The seating capacity of 2-door convertible is 4 persons with front head room of 38.8 inches and rear head room of 38.5 inches. The maximum leg room of the same is 42.4 inches (front) and 32.8inches (rear). The 2-door coupe can accommodate 5 people with 37.6inches of front head room and 36.6 inches of rear head room. In this model, while the front leg room stretches to 42.3inches, the rear leg room measures 33.2inches. The 4-door sedan is big enough for five people and has 39 inches of front head room and 37.2 inches of rear head room. The front leg room extends to 42.3inches and the rear leg room measures about 34.6inches. The aforementioned three types of Chevrolet Cavalier have cargo volume of 13.2 cubic feet and fuel capacity of 15.2 gals.

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With a Twin Cam engine, the acceleration of the Cavalier sedan is commendable. It also carries antilock brakes with an instrument panel that allows comfortable use of controls. Furthermore, in 1997, Cavalier was equipped with dual airbags for protection during low-speed crashes. Once in a while, there have been reports of premature wearing out of brakes (1995), high fuel consumption (1998-2000), excessive engine temperature (1999-2000) and minor issues with the traction control indicator light (1996). However, over the years, care has been taken to resolve all these issues.

In 2005, Cavalier amounted to approximately Rs 2, 02,100 to Rs 2, 44,400 while the Cavalier LS fared around Rs 2, 20,900 to Rs 2, 58,500. Two of the most important qualities of the Cavalier are the high-level comfort and smooth functioning of the models. Offering a well-worked upon security system and impressive cost-effectiveness, Cavalier provides a lot more refinement than the other models that continue to compete with it, attempting to win, for the last two decades.

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