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Chevrolet Astro for sale

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Chevrolet Astro overview

The Chevrolet Astro was introduced in the year 1985. It is one of the earliest models of minivans. Over the years the vehicle has undergone various modifications till the latest 2005 model. Since it is basically a model of the 1980s, it has a tall and tough body and a rear wheel drive layout. These features give the van lots of cargo space as well as enable the van to perform towing functions thereby making it resemble a mini pick-up truck. It can tow up to three tons of weight and can occupy as many as eight passengers comfortably. The other appealing positive features of the vehicle include a V6 engine, antilock brakes and optional AWD traction. Some other common features of the latest models include chrome wheels, air conditioning, power windows and door locks, cruise control, music player, tilt steering wheel, headlights that automatically activate during low light conditions, battery rundown indicators and remote keyless entry. The high end models provide an interior with an upgraded cloth finish, rear air-conditioning and heating, captain's chairs in the second-row, rear Dutch doors and brushed aluminium wheels.

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While, the vehicles biggest advantages lie in the fact that it is a car of the early 80s, its disadvantages also lie in the same fact. Since, it is a car of the 80’s, it does not give a very good performance in the car crash test and does not offer good fuel economy. However in spite of a poor crash test rating, a survey conducted for real life situations by the IIHS in the United States in 2007 showed that the vehicle had reported the least number of killed drivers per every million units on the road. Since, the car is more brawny and bulky, the ride that is offers isn’t too smooth. However, with a good driver at the wheel, highway rides are comfortably smooth. With a single sliding rear door, entry and exit to the middle and rear seats can pose some amount of difficulty. The high step-up doors can also be a problem for kids to enter or exit from the vehicle.

In all, it is a no frills vehicle with the best towing capacity offered by any car in the market and fulfilling all of the basic requirements. Chevrolet Astro it is the best choice for a buyer with mediocre expectations from his or her car and a low budget.

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